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True Stories are communication consultants and experts in the target groups of families with children and young people. We develop tailored solutions and integrated brand communication across all channels. With storytelling as a tool, we help companies create long-term relationships with their target groups, achieve measurable results and contribute to societal benefits.

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Some people call it #childrensconcept, some call it #youngpeopleconcept, others say #familyconcept. Regardless of its name, we can help you shape a stronger and more value-creating relationship with your most important target groups, show that you take them seriously and above all: contribute to a better future!

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The brand and mission we shape will form the basis of the supporting idea in the unique experience you want to create for your target audience. We create content, storytelling, characters and worlds with detailed frameworks and a clear vision and strategy for how your organisation will succeed.


Encountering the concept is what gives rise to the magic and a sense of genuine commitment. Based on the concept, we shape learning and imaginative experiences for the whole family such as entertainment, shows, events, meet & greet, music and much more that shapes a whole new world for those you want to reach. All communication is firmly rooted in the message and mission you want to achieve, and runs like a common theme through everything you do.

Physical environments

The physical environment is to step into the world of imagination. We develop unique play environments where the children are stimulated and become part of the storytelling. Each experience is designed based on your wishes and circumstances. We handle the entire process from design to production and implementation on site.


Your concept will attract your target audience. With a clear strategy as a basis, we shape successful communication in various media such as film, apps, books and products. We develop promotions and unique offers throughout the customer journey and across all channels.


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Physical environments



A tailored concept that creates added value for your target groups

In order for the concept to be magically unique and convey the experience you want to achieve, we use a working method where knowledge, creativity and strategy are always followed.

  • Analysis trustories chevron

    Together we define what you want to convey, linked to your brand and business. We review the conditions, goals and issues that are important to you, analyse target groups, conduct qualitative surveys, testing in focus groups and more. The result is the core of the concept that runs through all storytelling, brands, characters and design.

  • Strategy trustories chevron

    The strategy is the plan for what we are going to do, how and for whom. The strategy takes into account circumstances such as whether the business is seasonal, the location, time, best choice of channel, and more. It is concrete and is based on our lengthy experience of the target groups of families with children and young people.

  • Creative concept trustories chevron

    This is where the magic is created! The creative concept and communication is an imaginative solution, based on analysis and strategy. The concept supports your mission and your business goals, provides value for the whole family and above all for children and young people.

  • Implementation trustories chevron

    Professional implementation is the key to a solid experience. We make sure that the concept works in practice with all content, clear manuals, experiences, environments and more. We also create clear routines and physical training, plus easily accessible, digital training material for all your staff, for example, as short films.

  • Evaluation and development trustories chevron

    The added value that the concept gives your guests should also be noted in measurable results such as customer satisfaction, sales, return visits and more. Regular evaluation and development ensure that the concept is kept alive, crucial and successful over time.

  • Ancillary services trustories chevron

    Our specialty is the target group of families with children and young people. We know how quickly their perceptions change and therefore your circumstances. We help you with the evaluation and development of your current concept, trends, inspiration, focus groups, licences and much more, in order to achieve continued long-term development.

  • Making experiences happen trustories chevron

    We make your experiences happen! For a long time now, we have been used to shaping unique experiences and have built a nationwide network of trained artists and specialists in children and young people. Whether you are a destination or a chain, need activities for a whole season or occasionally, we make sure that those magical meetings happen.


Why True Stories?


  • trustories logoare experts in families with children and young people
  • trustories logodesign strategies based on lengthy experience
  • trustories logohelp you create genuine value and social benefit
  • trustories logocreate long-term, tailored solutions that follow a common thread in all channels
  • trustories logocontribute creativity and innovation to the development of your business
  • trustories logoare above all very playful and love what we do!
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True stories about True Stories

We have the best job in the world!

Working with and for children and young people, our future, is not only incredibly meaningful but above all fun. It's just as fun to meet so many different entrepreneurs and companies who are passionate about their ideas and the experience they want to give their guests. No matter where in the world you are or what you do, it is always just as exciting to create magic together.

Yes, of course you understand that we are passionate about creating valuable communication. We are convinced that it also makes us better people.

Get in touch! The magic starts right here, right now.

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